How To Know If My CPU Supports AVX Or AVX2

You can easily find out if your CPU supports AVX or AVX2 in Windows, but before we check this let’s get a better understanding of what is AVX. To start with AVX stands for Advanced Vector Extensions and is used for both Intel and AMD processors.

Some software and games require an AVX supported processor, if your processor does not have this option then you are going to encounter an error message such as, “program requires AVX2 but AVX is not present” or “software requires a CPI which supports the AVX instruction set” basically a message saying your CPU doesn’t support AVX.

So how can you check if this is the case, well we can do this easily using a program called CPU-Z. This program has been around for a long time and allows us to view all kinds of information about our system’s hardware.

Check If CPU Supports AVX

First, you need to go to and download CPU-Z

Once you have downloaded CPU-Z run the setup file

Follow the install steps to install CPU-Z to your computer

Now you have CPU-Z installed open the program

Select the CPU tab at the top and you will then see if your CPU supports AVX and AVX2 in the instructions box

Final thoughts

As you can see it’s pretty straight forward to check if your CPU supports AVX and AVX2 on Windows, you now know if your system meets the AVX requirements for a game or program.

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