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In the world of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the ability to perform a skill reset can significantly impact your character’s journey. Welcome to our guide on ESO skill resets, where we’ll explore every method of this essential mechanic.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting, understanding “ESO skill reset” is vital for optimizing your character’s abilities and creating the perfect build, something that we all want.

What is an ESO Skill Reset?

An ESO skill reset is a mechanism that allows players to reassign their hard-earned skill and attribute points within Elder Scrolls Online.

Types: Skill resets in ESO come in three methods:

  • Attribute Reset: For reallocating your attribute points (Health, Magicka, Stamina).
  • Skill Line Reset: For a complete overhaul of your skill lines and abilities.
  • Morph Reset: To change the morphs of your selected skills.

How to Initiate an ESO Skill Reset:

Armory System

Yep, that is correct head over to your armory and remove everything. Using the Armory System will reset all of your ESO skills.

The best thing about using the Armory System is it’s a free method.

Rededication Shrines

ESO provides specific in-game locations, known as “Rededication Shrines,” where players can perform skill resets.

So head on over to a Rededication Shrine and use it to reset your skills.


NPCs near these locations facilitate skill resets, such as Rosalind in Elden Root or Healer Malu in Mournhold.

Get talking to some NPCs in the above area if you would like to perform a reset.

Final Thoughts

In The Elder Scrolls Online, mastering the skill reset methods is key to creating a character that excels in your chosen role. This guide has given you different methods that you can use to perform skill resets so you can change your character’s capabilities.

If you enjoyed reading this guide and it helped then feel free to share this “ESO skill reset” guide with your fellow adventurers and stay tuned for more helpful content.

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