How To Split Screen In Roblox

In this guide, we will be taking a look at How to split screen in Roblox. Although there is not actually an option or setting that allows us to split screen in Roblox, there is a way around this so we can split screen in Roblox on a Windows PC.

So unlike a normal 2 player couch co-op game, you would able to split screen and both be able to play at the same time. The method we are showing you in this guide will not allow you to move two characters at the same time, however you can still join each other’s game and play 2 player split screen in Roblox on PC and take turns.

This comes in handy if you have a turn based type of game or one that requires you to have two players to move objects etc.

The reason we are unable to control the two characters at the same time, is that it’s not possible to have two active selected windows at once when using a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.

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How to split screen in Roblox On Xbox/PlayStation

At the time of writing this article, it is currently not possible to split screen in Roblox on an Xbox or Play Split in Roblox on a PlayStation. This is a real shame as it would be a really nice feature to have added to the game, I would love to play some local co-op couch play in Roblox on a console.

So fingers crossed we will see this feature in the near future but for now, we will have to play on our own or join our friends online.

How to split screen in Roblox On PC

First, you need to open your web browser

Now go to the Roblox website and sign into your account

Launch a game that you would like to play split screen on Roblox in

Open the Microsoft Store and search for Roblox, now install Roblox to your Windows computer

Once installed open the Roblox app and sign into another Roblox account (If you do not have one then create a new Roblox account using a different email address)

Add your other Roblox account as a friend if you have not done so already

Now join in to the game with your other account, select their profile and click Join

Once in-game you can now snap or move the web browser version of Roblox to the left of Windows and the app version of Roblox to the right of Windows

That’s it I hope the above guide has helped and answered your question on how do I split screen on Roblox? on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, and you can now enjoy playing split screen. If you liked this guide and found it helped, then I am sure you would like our other gaming guides.