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Dead Island 2 so far has been a very fun zombie smashing survival game and yes it has had the odd game crash for users on PC, but it is still a fun game.

If you have gotten to the mission in Dead Island 2 where you need to explore the sets then you might have come across a weird bug, that’s stopping you from being able to progress.

When exploring the sets in Dead Island 2 you need to get the power running so you can then open a door that allows you to move on through the mission, but there is one problem if you die the door will then be closed when you respawn and no matter what you do you will not be able to open the door in the sets on Dead Island 2.

So what can you do about this annoying glitch? I have the answer to that below.

Fix Dead Island 2 Explore The Sets door not opening

Currently, the only way of fixing not being able to open the electric door after dying in Dead Island 2, is to simply restart the game.

So close Dead Island 2, then open it again and load into your saved game and you should now be able to unlock the door again.

I hope the above guide was helpful and has helped you get past the sets door not opening or unlocking bug in Dead Island 2. If you liked this guide then check out our other gaming guides.

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