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Sign-in and Profile Signed out errors in MW3 can be very annoying luckily it can be fixed!

Fixing network issues in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on PlayStation can be a bit hit and miss as it can depend on whether the signing-in errors and your profile being signed out are caused by your network or the Call of Duty servers.

But you can follow these steps to troubleshoot and hopefully fix the error that’s stopping you from being able to connect to the MW3 servers.

How To Fix MW3 Signing In Error & Being Signed Out

Check Your Internet Connection:

Ensure your PlayStation is connected to the internet.

Use a wired Ethernet connection if possible, as it’s more stable than Wi-Fi.

Test Your Internet Speed:

Run an internet speed test on your PlayStation to check your download and upload speeds. Slower speeds can lead to lag and disconnections. Also, ensure you are getting a decent speed on your Mobile or other devices.

Restart Your Router and PlayStation:

Turn off your PlayStation and unplug your router for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

Restart your PlayStation and fingers crossed you will be able to connect to the MW3 servers.

Check for PlayStation Network Outages:

Sometimes, network issues are due to problems on the PlayStation Network’s end.

Check the official PlayStation Network status page here for any ongoing outages or issues.

Check for Background Downloads or Streams:

Make sure no other devices on your network are downloading large files or streaming high-definition or 4K videos while you’re playing.

This can hog bandwidth and cause lag, causing MW3 to lag, disconnect or not let you connect to the severs.

Update Game and System Software:

Ensure that both Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and your PlayStation system are running the latest updates.

Game and system updates often fix bugs and other problems.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP):

If the problem persists, and you’ve ruled out issues on your end, and it’s not an issue with the PlayStation network or MW3 servers contact your ISP.

They can check for any issues with your connection or offer solutions to fix it.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above guide has helped with whatever issue you were having whether it be lag, disconnections, matchmaking, or sign-in/ profile sign-out problems, these issues can greatly affect the enjoyment of the game.

Remember that network issues can sometimes be related to the game’s servers, so if the problem persists then check out MW3 social media to see if anything has been mentioned, if there is then you’ll have to wait for them to resolve it.

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