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Are you are having problems with Super Mario Bros Wonder lagging? If you are then this guide will help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.

The latest Super Mario Bros Wonder game has just been released, and if you have jumped in the game, but it’s lagging and stuttering this is annoying.

Not to worry though, I’ve put together this straightforward troubleshooting guide to help you address Super Mario Bros Wonder’s lagging and glitching on your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Fix Super Mario Bros Wonder Lag

Below are various methods to resolve the lag issue. Try each one until you find the solution that works for you.

Step 1: Restart

If you’re experiencing lag or freezing, simply restart your Switch this can help resolve many problems:

Give your Switch a quick restart; it might be a one-time hiccup.

Step 2: Game Updates

Ensure you have the latest updates installed for Mario Wonder on your Nintendo Switch:

Locate the Super Mario Bros Wonder icon on your Switch Home Screen.

Press the + button on your Joy-Con controller and select “Software Update.”

Choose “Via the internet.”

Nintendo Switch checking for game updates

Step 3: System Update

Keep your Switch up to date to ensure smooth gameplay:

Navigate to your Nintendo Switch home screen.

Access System Settings and select System.

Choose System Update and install any available updates.

Nintendo Switch System Settings selecting System Update

Step 4: Clear the Cache on Your Switch

Eliminate any corrupted cache files that might be causing lag:

From the Nintendo Switch home screen, open System Settings.

Go to System and select Formatting Options, then Clear Cache.

Choose your Nintendo Switch user Profile and press Reset.

Nintendo Switch clear cache option

Step 5: Corrupted Files

Within the settings on the Nintendo Switch we can detect corrupted game files and fix them:

Return to your Nintendo Switch home screen.

Access System Settings and open Data Management.

Navigate to Software and find Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Select “Check for corrupted data.”

Nintendo Switch Check for corrupted data for fc 24

Step 6: Switch User Profiles

Sometimes the issue is specific to a user. Try switching to a different profile to see if that resolves the problem.

Step 7: Dock Mode

If you are trying to play the game in handheld mode, plug your Switch into the dock and use Dock mode as this will give the console more power and resolve those lagging issues.

Step 8: Switch Battery

If you still do not want to use Dock Mode then ensure your battery is fully charged on your Nintendo Switch. A low battery can cause many problems like lagging.

Nintendo Switch icons battery level

Step 8: Game Reinstallation

As a last resort, you can try reinstalling the game:

If the game was on a MicroSD card, consider moving it to your Switch’s internal storage for a fresh start.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! You’re now ready to jump back into the Super Mario Bros Wonders universe without the frustration of lag.

Hopefully, one of the above methods has resolved the lagging issue on your Switch, and you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without hang-ups.

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