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Where is the Hogwarts legacy save file location? Want to manually backup your Hogwarts Legacy save files, then you have come to the correct guide. For all PC games the save file needs to be stored somewhere on your local hard drive and Hogwarts Legacy is no different.

If you have already had a look within your Windows Documents and cannot find your Hogwarts Legacy save file, that’s because this is not the correct location where it is stored on your computer. So don’t panic Hogwarts Legacy is saved on your PC in the location below.

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Hogwarts legacy save file location

Open File Explorer

Now type in the address bar %localappdata% and press Enter

Find the Hogwarts Legacy folder and open it

You will now see a Saved folder open this then open the SaveGames folder

There might be an extra folder you need to open with random numbers open this folder as well you will now see your Hogwarts Legacy save data

Hogwarts Legacy Save game editor

If you would like to make changes to Hogwarts Legacy save data and you don’t want to do it manually then there is an editor to help. I would recommend you try using a save game editor like the one that can be found on the Game Watcher website.

Game Watcher also has other mods available for Hogwarts Legacy.

This tool will allow you to make all sorts of changes to your saved data such as your player data, resources, combat resources, talents, and more. Just make sure you backup your saved data before making changes.


So as you can see the Hogwarts Legacy saved data is within the local app data for your Windows user profile, you can make changes to the file but I would suggest you try using the save game editor if you are not sure how to do this. As always it’s important to make a backup of your saved data before making changes.

There you have it that’s how you can find the location of your Hogwarts Legacy saved data on your Windows 10/11 computer.

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