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How to fix PS4 controller stuck on orange light and flashing error. Dealing with unexpected technical glitches can be a frustrating experience, and one issue that PS4 users might encounter is the flashing orange light on their controllers.

Many things can cause this but usually orange flashing light on a PS4 controller is to let you know that the controller is charging. Regardless of why your controller is stuck on orange in this guide, we will look at ways to help you troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

PS4 Controller Orange Light Blinking FIX

If you’re experiencing the issue of your PS4 controller’s orange light flashing or pulsing and it’s not connecting properly to your console, here are some steps you can take to try and resolve the problem:

  1. Charge the Controller: Ensure that your PS4 controller is fully charged. Connect the controller to your PS4 using a USB cable and let it charge for a while.
    Sometimes, the flashing orange light indicates low battery or as I mentioned above that the controller is charging.
  2. Reset the Controller: There is a small reset button on the back of the PS4 controller, near the L2 shoulder button.
    Use a paperclip or a pin to press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Afterward, try connecting the controller to the PS4 again, this usually fixes most issues with the PS4 controller.
  3. Try a Different USB Port/Cable: If you’re using the PS4’s USB ports to connect the controller and charge it, try a different USB port.
    There could be a problem with the port that you are using. It’s also worth trying a different cable to charge your PS4 controller.
  4. Restart your PS4: Restarting the PS4 can sometimes help resolve connectivity issues and other problems.
    Turn off your PS4 completely and then turn it back on then turn your controller back on.
  5. Update Controller Firmware: If you can connect your controller to the PS4, check if there is a new update available for the controller’s firmware.
    You can do this in the PS4 settings under Devices > Controllers > Update Firmware.
  6. Test Another Controller: If you have another PS4 controller, try connecting it to your PS4 to see if you have the same problem with the PS4 controller blinking/flashing orange if you do then you know it’s a problem with your PS4.

Final thoughts

So as you can see there are a few ways that we can troubleshoot and fix a PS4 controller yellow light or orange light or whatever color you want to call it, I hope you no longer are having the blinking issue and if you do then it might be time to unfortunately buy a new controller for your console.

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