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If you have just picked up Super Mario Bros Wonder you might be wondering pardon the pun how to get medals in the game.

So just like our other post on how to get golden flags in Mario Wonder, we will take a look at how you can get medals in the game on this guide.

Getting all the medals within Super Mario Wonder will mean that you have basically completely finished the game, so if you are like me and a completist this is what needs to be done.

How To Get Medals In Super Mario Bros Wonder

Below is everything that you need to do to be able to earn all the medals in the game.

Once you have done each stage you will then notice a medal within your profile on the game.

Are you going to get all of the medals in Mario Wonder?

  • Reach the top of every flagpole check out our guide on how
  • Find every flower coin within the game
  • Collect every standee
  • Earn every Wonder Seed
  • Get every badge in-game
  • Complete the game

There you have it that’s all you need to do, I know it looks simple in a list but trust me when I say this it will take some time to complete all of the above tasks to get the medals in Mario Wonder.

Final thoughts

So far I have enjoyed my time in the game and the medals within Mario Wonder add that extra challenge and make the game completion time longer.

Some of the challenges may require you to go back and complete some levels where you did not manage to complete the task required to get the medal.

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