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Windows 11 move taskbar.

In this guide, I will show you how to move the Windows 11 taskbar. When it comes to the taskbar in Windows 11 there is not actually an option to be able to move it. If you look in the settings you cannot move the position of the taskbar, and if you try to drag the taskbar to a different position it will not move, unlike other versions of Windows.

I personally think it’s a shame that Microsoft has decided to not allow us to move the taskbar in Windows 11, so luckily there is a way to move it by changing a value within the Windows registry. It would be nice if Microsoft does allow us to easily change the position of the taskbar in a future update, but we will have to wait and see.

Although it might sound a bit scary to make changes to the Windows registry I have listed the steps below making them as simple to follow as I can, so if you follow them it will be fine. But you might want to just create a backup of your Windows registry just in case things were to go wrong and also backup all of your important files to a USB device.

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How to move Windows 11 taskbar

Below are the steps for moving the Windows 11 taskbar, I have listed how to move the Windows 11 taskbar to the top and left of your display.

1. First, you need to open the start menu and search for Registry Editor and open it

2. Once open you need to go to the below location so copy the path below and paste it into the address and hit Enter on your keyboard


3. You will now see a Settings key right-click this and select Modify

4. You now need to select the 03 value under FE and press Delete on your keyboard

5. Now in the same location where the 03 value was you need to type one of the below values below

  • 00 = Move Windows 11 taskbar to left of screen
  • 01 = Move Windows 11 taskbar to top of screen
  • 02 = Move Windows 11 taskbar to right of screen
  • 03 = Move Windows 11 taskbar to bottom of screen

6. Once done click the OK button as you can see I have used the 01 value, this will move the Windows 11 taskbar to the top of the sceen

7. Now open File Explorer and Task Manager

8. Right-click on File Explorer in the Process list and click Restart

That’s it you have now moved the position of the Windows 11 taskbar for the current user that you are signed into. If you do want to move the position on another user profile then you can repeat the above steps.

If you do get stuck moving the taskbar in Windows 11, check out our YouTube video for more help.

I hope this guide helped you, if you did enjoy reading this guide then I am sure you would enjoy our other Windows guides.

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