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Fix Lego Brawls crashing Switch.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to fix Lego Brawls crashing and not loading on Switch. The Lego Brawls release date is here and we have been looking forward to giving this lego game a try. But if your game keeps crashing or getting stuck on the loading screen, then there are methods you can try to fix these issues.

You can customize your mini figure and then jump into one of the game modes. You can play Capture Control, collect the most bricks in Collect Mode, go all out in Free For Brawl, or play solo in Brawl Royale!

You can then choose from one of your favourite themes such as Ninjago or Jurassic World to play one of these awesome game modes on. So it’s really frustrating if when trying to play the game on your Nintendo Switch, you have issues with Lego Brawls not loading or crashing to your home screen.

Why does Lego Brawls keep crashing?

Whether you are playing with friends in local multiplayer against AI or challenging up to 8 of your friends, or trying to get a victory in the battle royal mode, the game may crash or not load at all. If this keeps happening on your Switch console then there could be a simple reason for this.

If Lego Brawls is not loading when playing online multiplayer then it could be your connection, or the game may crash because your system software is out of date, or you may have corrupted game files.

How to fix Lego Brawls stuck on loading screen & crashing on Switch

We have listed a few methods below that you can try that will hopefully fix Lego Brawls not working on your Switch, as you want to enjoy this awesome game without any issues!

Fix 1: Servers

The first thing to try is to check that there are no issues with the servers and if any maintenance is going on. If there are server issues then your game won’t load and you will get stuck on the loading screen:

Fix 2: Connection

If Lego Brawls crashes on startup or just won’t load then it could be that you are not connected to the WiFi properly. You can still play solo or local couch co-op, but online co-op will not work:

  • Go to System Settings and then select Internet
  • Click on Test Connection
Nintendo Switch System Settings Test connection of internet

Fix 3: Battery

This may sound simple, but take a look in the top corner of your Switch console and see how much battery you have. If using your Switch handheld, then make sure you have a fair amount of battery. Otherwise, you may get launching and loading issues.

Fix 4: Update

As always, the latest patch or update for a game can fix a bug or crashing problem. So you can check for updates for Lego Brawls on your Switch:

  • Press Options on the Lego Brawls game icon on the home screen (+ on your Joy-Con)
  • Go to Software update
  • And then click on “Via the internet”
Nintendo Switch checking for game updates

Fix 5: System software

Try checking for updates on your Switch. Not having the latest software installed could be the cause of Lego Brawls crashing on launch and freezing:

  • Go to System Settings and then System
  • Select System Update > Install any available updates
Nintendo Switch System Ssettings selecting System Update

Fix 6: Cache

Clearing the cache for your user could really help, as something in your stored data could be causing an issue or conflict with the game:

  • System settings > System
  • Click on Formatting Options and then go to Clear cache
  • You need to select the Profile that you are using and then press Reset
Nintendo Switch clear cache option

Fix 7: Scan files

If one of the Lego game files has become corrupted either during an update or when installing the game, then this can cause not loading and crashing issues in-game:

  • Open the System settings > Click on Data management > Software
  • Find Lego Brawls > Select “Check for corrupted data
Nintendo Switch Check for corrupted data

Fix 8: Reinstall

Usually, the last method to try, but if all else fails then try reinstalling the game on your Switch:

  • Go to System settings first and then select Data management
  • Select Software and then find Lego Brawls and select it
  • Select Delete Software
  • Then reinstall the game and try launching it again
nintendo switch delete software for a game

That’s the end of our guide on fixing Lego Brawls not loading and crashing on your Nintendo Switch. We hope it helped and you are now back in the game either with your friends in local multiplayer, or getting a victory on your own!

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