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Warzone 2.0 crossplay option missing on PC

COD Warzone is very fast-paced and can be very hectic. The game is cross-platform so you will be trying to beat players using either a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. You can turn off crossplay but is your Warzone crossplay option missing on your PC? If the answer to this question is yes then don’t worry you are not the only one.

COD Warzone was released on November 16th and is the latest Call of Duty game bought to us by Activision. The game is great fun and is even better because it is free to play. And if you are like me then you will love a good free Battle Royale game.

In-game screenshot of Warzone 2.0.

What is Warzone crossplay?

Dropping into the new map Al Mazrah, this huge map has plenty to offer. So that you can grab those weapons and loot, and get the victory, whether you are playing online multiplayer solo or with a squad.

However, if you are finding the game a little tricky and struggling to take out those other players, then it may be because the game is cross-platform.

This means that you will be playing against other players on different platforms. So you will be against players using the same device as you as well as all other players from PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Luckily we can easily disable crossplay on PlayStation and Xbox.

Why can’t I turn off crossplay on PC?

Showing Warzone 2.0 account and network settings.

So if you are playing Warzone on your PC or laptop using either the Battle.Net app or Steam, then you are probably wondering how to turn off crossplay in Warzone on your PC.

Like with the other Call of Duty games, you can usually turn this option off within the settings of the game, so that you will only be playing against other PC players, leveling that playing field.

But if like me you went to turn it off and the crossplay option appears to be missing then that is because unfortunately there is currently no option to turn off Warzone crossplay on PC. But that does not mean that they will not add this in the future.

But as I mentioned above, you can still disable crossplay if you are an Xbox or PlayStation user. But just remember, if you do turn off crossplay then you will have fewer players to be matched against, making your matchmaking take longer!

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