Windows: 6 Simple Methods to Open Command Prompt on Your PC – Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this guide, I will show you six different ways to open Command Prompt in Windows on your PC or laptop. Command Prompt, otherwise known as CMD is a command-line app in Windows operating systems. It allows you to run all sorts of commands to control and do things within Windows, making it a very handy program. So being able to easily open CMD in different ways can make life easier.

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Command Prompt has helped us many times when it comes to using Windows and if you use it a lot also, then knowing different ways to open CMD comes in handy. You never know when you might need to access the app quickly to fix something that has gone wrong in Windows.

What is command prompt?

Command Prompt is a command-line program available in Windows operating systems. It provides a text-based interface for users to interact with the operating system by typing commands.

Command Prompt allows users to execute commands, perform administrative tasks, run scripts, manage files and directories, troubleshoot system issues, and perform other system-related operations.

Making CMD also known as Command Prompt a very useful tool, which is why I have put together a list of six ways that you can open Command Prompt.

Run Command Prompt as an administrator

Sometimes when using Command Prompt you might not be able to run a certain command and receive an error as you need to be using command prompt as an administrator. This can easily be done:

  • Type in CMD in the Windows search bar
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator

6 Ways To Open Command Prompt In Windows

Below are six different methods for launching Command Prompt on your Windows PC or laptop.

Method 1

Type in CMD in the Windows search bar > Click on Command Prompt

Windows 10 start menu showing Command Prompt in search.

Method 2

Open File Explorer > Type in CMD in the address bar > Press Enter

File Explorer showing CMD text in address bar.

Method 3

Open Windows Start menu > Scroll down the menu until you find ‘Windows System‘ > Click on the drop-down arrow to expand > Click on Command Prompt

Windows 10 start menu showing Command Prompt in the list under Windows System.

Method 4

Type in run in the Windows 10 search bar > Press enter or click OK > Type CMD into the ‘run’ search bar > Press enter

Run showing CMD text in open textbox.

Method 5

Right Click on the Taskbar > Open Task Manager > Click on File in the top left > Click on ‘Run new task‘ > Type in CMD > Press enter or click OK

Task Manager showing Run New Task option in context menu.

Method 6

Open Internet Explorer > Type the following into the address bar: C:/Windows/System32/cmd.exe > Press enter > Click run > Click run again

Internet Explorer with the cmd directory path in the address bar.

I hope you enjoyed these 6 ways of opening the command prompt in Windows.

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