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Fix Issues With COD Warzone To Play This Awesome Game

In this Call Of Duty tutorial I will be showing you my top recommended methods to fix most dev errors, crashes, disk read errors and problems that you may be encountering with the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone on your PC.

This game is great as it is free to play on your PC and has two fantastic game modes; Battle Royale and Plunder. However, as it is new people are encountering a few issues so by following this tutorial you will hopefully be able to fix these COD Warzone issues such as dev errors 5759, 5761, 6065, 6066, 6068, 6071, 6165, 6178, 6328, and more.

You can only download COD MW Warzone By Using App which can be found here:

For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Fixes check out this ultimate fix guide:

****Top Tip****
Remember to always create a system restore point on your PC before changing any settings

Top fixes for Call Of Duty Warzone:

1. Check Windows 10 is up to date:

  • Type update in Windows 10 search box (bottom left hand corner of screen) > Click on ‘Check for updates’ > If any updates are available click on download > Install > Restart PC

2. Check you have the latest Graphics Card drivers and Hardware drivers installed for your PC:

  • Go to manufacturer website for your Graphics Card (helpful links can be found below)

3.a) Run Call Of Duty Modern Warfare as an admin

  • Right click on Call of Duty Warzone shortcut > Open file location > Right-click the two Modern Warfare .exes > Properties > Compatibility > Tick ‘run this program as an administrator’

3.b) Go into Windows as an administrator instead of a standard user as this can help resolve issues with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone

4. Clear the Battle.Net Cache:

  • Right click on your taskbar > Open task manager > Select Processes tab
  • If agent.exe is running or Blizzard Update Agent in Windows 10 highlight it then select ‘End task’ > Close task manager
  • Type run in search bar > Open run > Type in %programdata% > Press OK > Open Blizzard Entertainment folder from the list > Open Battle.Net folder > Open cache folder > Delete everything in folder by selecting all and delete > Restart PC (Make sureĀ  Blizzard app is closed when doing this)

5. Scan and repair Blizzard app:

  • Open Blizzard app > Click on COD MW game > Click on options > Click on scan and repair > Press begin scan > Restart PC

6.a) Clear shaders cache and reinstall shaders:

  • Boot up game > Options > Click on graphics > Click on ‘Restart shaders installation’ > Press Restart > Click Apply settings

6.b) Turn off NVIDIA Highlights:

  • Boot up game > Options > Click on graphics > Turn off NVIDIA Highlights > Click Apply settings

7. Update DirectX:

  • Click on this link:…aspx?id=35 > Select language > Press download > Save file > Run setup file > Read terms and conditions and agree > Press next (deselect Bing if you don’t want to install it) > Press next again > Will search to see if you have latest DirectX installed > If applicable update will install > Once finished restart your PC

8. Rename COD in documents:

  • Open File Explorer > Open documents folder > Find Call Of Duty Modern Warfare folder and open it > Right-click > Create new folder > Name it test > Press Enter > Copy all of the other Call Of Duty folders and paste them into the new test folder
  • Boot up COD and this will reset any settings and graphics settings (To reset just paste moved folders back to the main Call Of Duty folder and delete test folder)

9. Check you have enough free disk space on C: Drive and Drive COD is installed on and run a disk cleaner:

  • Search for disc cleanup in Windows > Select which Drives and files you would like to clean > Delete files > Press OK (make sure you clean DirectX shader cache files, be careful and do not delete downloads folder, once it’s gone it’s gone)

10. Scan Hard Drive for errors and run a check disk:

  • Open File Explorer > This PC > Right click on C: Drive > Properties > Tools > Click Check underneath ‘error checking’ > Scan Drive > Any errors fix them > Restart PC (do on all drives or where COD is installed)

11. Make sure Graphics card is not overclocked and change to default settings:

  • Click on this link: > Click on download GPU-Z > Select standard version > Download > Select server you want to download from > Click Save File > Run Setup file > Select your installation options > Press next > Choose installation location > Install(if you don’t want to remove overclock from GPU then you may have to wait for new patch from COD Warzone

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