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So a question I have seen be asked a few times is what is the best operating system for gaming, so in this guide, I thought it would be cool to take a look at what operating systems are available and which is best to use for your PC gaming.

When it comes to PC gaming, choosing the right OS which stands for operating system is crucial because you want the one that is best optimized for performance, and compatibility, so you have a fun gaming experience.

While there are several options available, three operating systems stand out as the most popular choices for PC gamers: Windows, macOS, and Linux. So in this guide, we will explore each OS’s gaming capabilities, and features, to help you decide which is the best operating system for gaming.

Best operating system for gaming

Below you will find a list of the best gaming operating systems that you can use right now.


Windows is widely regarded as the go-to choice for gaming. As it has a huge market share for games, extensive software and hardware compatibility, and loads of support from game developers. But what are the Key features and benefits of using Windows for gaming on your PC let’s take a look:

Game Library: Windows has the largest selection of games. Most game developers prioritize Windows compatibility, which is why it has soo many games available so you will have a lot more options.

DirectX: Windows is known for its DirectX technology, enabling developers to optimize graphics, audio, and input in games. DirectX offers high performance and compatibility, giving you a smooth gameplay experience.

Game Optimization: Windows has many optimization tools, such as the Game Bar and Game Mode, which allow you to customize settings, record gameplay, and allocate system resources for an enhanced gaming experience, and you can download third-party gaming tools like our Easy Gamer Utility.

Driver Support: Windows is always receiving consistent driver updates from hardware manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with the latest graphics cards, sound cards, and other gaming peripherals. This comprehensive driver support minimizes compatibility issues and maximizes performance so you can get the frame rates in your PC games. You can check your FPS using a frame rate counter.


macOS, the operating system exclusive to Apple’s Mac computers, has gained popularity among gamers, particularly with the rise of indie and casual games being developed for the OS.

While macOS may have a more limited game library compared to Windows, it offers certain advantages:

Performance and Stability: macOS is known for its stability and optimized performance. Apple’s hardware and software allow for better integration and reliability, resulting in smoother gaming experiences.

Graphics and Display: Macs, especially those equipped with powerful GPUs, offer exceptional graphics capabilities. MacOS ensures efficient utilization of hardware resources, enhancing visual fidelity in games and they look amazing on some of the Apple displays.


Linux is an open-source operating system, it has made significant strides in gaming support over the years. While it may have a smaller game library compared to Windows, Linux offers several advantages for gamers, and unlike MacOS and Windows Linux is free.

Compatibility: Linux provides a flexible environment that allows for customization and compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations. With the help of tools like Wine and Proton, many Windows games can be played on Linux systems, expanding the gaming options which is pretty awesome right?

Performance: Linux is known for its efficiency, resource management, and low system overhead. As a result, games on Linux often exhibit better performance and responsiveness, especially on lower-end hardware but this can depend on driver support for your hardware as it can be restricted.

Open-Source: The Linux gaming community is active and passionate, they are continuously working on developing compatibility, drivers, and tools to improve the gaming experience for Linux operating systems. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for gaming using Linux.

Final thoughts

So what is the best operating system for gaming there are a few things to consider the availability of games should be a primary consideration. Windows has the widest range of titles, followed by macOS and Linux however Linux has Wine and Proton to help but going on this Windows is a clear winner.

When it comes down to hardware compatibility you need to ensure that the operating system supports your hardware components, especially graphics cards, but again Windows is a winner here as you have more options with hardware customization compared to Linux and MacOS.

Overall I personally think Windows is the better operating system for gaming, so if you are looking for the best operating system then you will want to use Windows.

If you are wondering which I feel is better for gaming Windows 10 or Windows 11, at the time of writing this it’s Windows 10.

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