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Recover Lost BIOS Password On Computer

If you have forgotten your BIOS password, or you are typing in the correct BIOS password but it just will not work then hopefully this post will help you out.

If you keep getting an incorrect BIOS password message, then after three attempts your system restarts, then don’t panic because there are a couple of things you can try which will hopefully allow you to get back onto your machine.

BIOS password not working on Windows 10 PC or laptop:

1. Try using a different keyboard – Just in case one of the keys or buttons are not working correctly on your keyboard causing you to type in your password wrong

2. Make sure you dont have CAPS on

3. If your password contains a special character make sure you are pressing the correct key – Also check if there are other ways to use the special character as different countries have different keyboard layouts and it might have changed without you knowing

4. Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard – This can sometimes reset the BIOS password. But you will need to leave the battery unplugged for a good half an hour:

  • Look up the manufacturer site for your motherboard for the CMOS battery location

5. See if your motherboard has a clear CMOS jumper – If you cant see one then refer to your manufacturer manual as this can clear the BIOS password

6. If you are still unable to remove the BIOS password then the only other thing you can try is visiting this website here where you will then be able to enter the code on the screen where you enter your BIOS password, then the website will try and give you a reset password:

Hopefully, you have been able to regain access back into your computer by doing one of the above steps. If one of the steps helped you out comment below and let everyone know which one helped reset your BIOS password.

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