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Fix Issues With Fonts On Windows 10 PC Or Laptop

In this post, we will be showing you how you can disable the font cache service in Windows 10.

The font cache service is used to help improve performance of programs as it will cache commonly used fonts.

We always recommend you keep caching enabled, however if you are having issues with fonts being slightly strange in programs then disabling this service might help resolve those issues.

Disabling The Font Cache Service:

1. Open the Window start menu > Search “Services” and open it

2. Now find the service thats says “Windows Font Cache Service

3. Right-click on “Windows Font Cache Service” and click Properties

4. Make sure the General tab is selected > Next to “Startup type” change this to “Disabled” > Click “Apply” and “OK

There you have it you have now disabled the Windows Font Cache Service in Windows 10. Like we said if you notice a decrease in performance with some of your programs, or perhaps your text has now started acting up then you might need to enable the service again. You can do this by doing the above but changing the start-up type to “Automatic“.

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