How To Lock The Windows 10 Taskbar So It Cannot Be Moved

Lock Windows 10 Taskbar Into Position

If you keep accidentally moving the Taskbar in Windows 10, then this is because it’s not been locked into position.

You can lock the taskbar so it can no longer be moved. Then when you want to move it you will then need to unlock it again.

Below we will show you how to lock the taskbar.

Locking the Taskbar Into Position In Windows 10:

1. Right-click the Windows 10 Taskbar > Click “Lock the taskbar

2. “Lock the taskbar” should now have a tick and this means that the taskbar has now been locked into position. If you want to move the taskbar again you will need to untick it to unlock the Taskbar

****Top Tip****
If you have multiple displays you can lock or unlock all Taskbars at once

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