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Remove Print To PDF Option If Not Needed

You might have noticed in Windows 10 that when you go to print something, under the printer selection options you can choose “Microsoft Print To PDF”

This comes as default with Windows 10, and instead of printing your document or webpage, this option allows you to just save it as a PDF File.

So in a way it is very useful but if you dont use it at all then its easy enough to remove.

How To Remove Microsoft Print To PDF Printer:

1. Firstly you need to Open the Windows 10 Start Menu and search for “Control Panel” > Then open Control Panel

2. You now need to click “Programs and Features”

3. Select “Turn Windows features on or off” > Find “Microsoft Print to PDF” > Then deselect the option and press OK

4. You can now close down the Windows Features window once it has finished making the changes on your PC

You will now notice that Microsoft Print To PDF has been removed and is no longer on your printer selection list.

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