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Find Similar Images With Bing Screenshot Search

In Windows 10 you can very quickly search the internet using just a screenshot.

Once you have selected the area of your screen using the snipping tool, the Microsoft Edge browser will open, and with the Bing search engine find any results related to the selection choice you made.

How To Use Bing Screenshot Search From Start Menu:

1. To search the internet using a screenshot first you need to click into the box next to the Start menu icon that says “Type here to search”

2. You now need to click the camera look icon in the bottom right (If you hover over the icon it will say “search with a screenshot”)

3. You will now be able to select the area on your screen which you would like to search the internet for

4. Once you have finished selecting the area it will then search for similar images and open the Edge web browser once it has found any similar matches

That’s how you search the internet with a screenshot within Windows 10. Although it’s not perfect it is actually really fun to have a play around with and see what results Bing does manage to find with the screenshot you take.

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