Never Show Recently Opened Files In Quick Access In Windows 10

Keep Recently Opened Files Hidden In Quick Access On Windows 10 PC Or Laptop

If you want to hide your recently opened files from the quick access list in File Explorer, then this can easily be done by changing a setting.

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This will mean that if anyone was to use your computer they won’t be able to see what you have recently opened from File Explorer. They would have to open a program or search the program in the start menu, where it will say what file was last opened.

How To Hide Recently opened Files In Quick Access In Windows 10:

1. Open File Explorer > On the top ribbon click View > Options

2. On the Folder Options window click the General tab

3. Under Privacy untick Show recently used files in Quick access > Press Apply and OK

Your recently opened Files will no longer be displayed within quick access in File Explorer. If you want to show them again just do the above but tick the “Show recently used files in Quick access” option.

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