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Customise Your Windows 10 Desktop With A Great Theme!

If you are bored of your default Windows 10 desktop then you can easily customise it to look how you want it to and make it look awesome. You can change the colours of the Taskbar and Menus, change the desktop background, and much more.

Windows 10 allows you to change the theme of your desktop and a theme usually consists of Windows colours, background images, Mouse cursors and sounds. You can have a choice of some default Windows 10 themes, or you can select more themes from the Windows store.

If you cannot find a theme that you like to make your desktop look awesome, then there are more options and additional amazing Microsoft themes to choose from, which you can download from Microsoft.

To download additional Microsoft Themes:

1. Click on the following Microsoft Desktop Themes link here

2. Scroll down and click on the drop down arrows on each category to expand for themes

2. Click on your chosen theme > Click on ‘Open with’ > Press OK

3. Your theme will now change to your selected chosen theme and you will notice your desktop background and accent colours will have changed (The theme will be saved in your Windows themes menu under ‘Personalise’)

****Top Tips****
– If you download more than one Microsoft Theme then you can easily switch between them by right-clicking on your desktop > Click on Personalise > Select the Themes tab on the left > Click on your chosen Theme
– You can also view Which Background, Sounds, Colours, and Mouse cursor are being used on your selected Theme in the same settings menu

Check out this video tutorial here on How To Download Microsoft Themes To Make Your Windows 10 Desktop Look Awesome If you are getting stuck.

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