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Windows 10 Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling Option

Improve Performance & Reduce Latency In Games!

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to enable the new hardware accelerating GPU scheduling option on your PC.

By enabling this option on your Windows 10 PC you will be able to improve the performance and reduce latency in your games which is fantastic if you are a PC gamer.

****Top Tip****
You will need to have the latest version of Windows 10 installed on your PC or laptop, and you will also need to ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed, otherwise you will not have the hardware accelerating option showing on your PC. This option also won’t show if your GPU doesn’t support it.

To enable the Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling:

1. Type ‘Graphics’ in the Windows Search box (bottom left-hand corner) > Open Graphics Settings

2. If you have the latest Windows update and graphics drivers, and your graphics card supports it then you should see an option at the top for Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling.

3. Toggle the icon to  ‘on’

4. Restart your PC for changes to take effect

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling Option On Your Windows 10 PC if you are getting stuck.

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