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Disable Text Being Overwritten In Windows 10 Apps & Programs

Have you ever been typing away on your Windows 10 PC or laptop and realised that your text is being overwritten or replaced while you are typing? If the answer is yes then luckily this is very easy to solve.

Text being overwritten is a very common mistake that will have been caused by a single press of a button on your keyboard. If you have accidentally pressed it then you will be wondering why your text is being replaced when typing in programs such as Microsoft Word, Libre Office, and Wordpad, etc.

For example, if you are writing a Text Document using Wordpad and you click in the middle of a sentence to place your Mouse Text Cursor, when you start to type it will overwrite or replace what is already written if you have this button enabled on your keyboard.

To Fix text being overwritten or replaced in Windows 10:

1. Open the program that you use which is allowing your text to be overwritten (for example Wordpad)

2. Press the Insert Key on your Keyboard or laptop keypad (Might say Ins on your keyboard)

3. Start typing in the middle of a sentence to test that your text is no longer being overwritten (remember if you hit this key again you will have the same problem)

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