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Change Operator & Unlock Skins In Call Of Duty Vanguard

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can change your character within Call of Duty Vanguard on PC.

Also known as an operator, within the game you can unlock cool new characters so when you are running around in multiplayer competing against other players they will be able to see the character which you have selected. Or if you are blasting zombies within zombie mode the players that you are teamed up with will also be able to see your character’s appearance. This is a nice little way to be able to add your own little personal touch by using the character you like best.

Does Changing Character In Vanguard Do Anything?

Yes, it will change the appearance of how you appear within multiplayer games and also zombie games.

But if you are referring to having an advantage over other players, then choosing a different character will have no effect as it’s for appearance only.

Can you Unlock New Characters?

Yes, you most certainly can! Completing certain missions will allow you to unlock new characters and it was the same in Cold War. However, in Vanguard you can’t now choose your operator until you have completed the first challenge.

You can also purchase the battle pass which usually has lots of cool characters which you can also unlock and add to your collection.

Can You Unlock New Appearances For Characters?

Yes, not only can you change your character when you find one which you like, but you can also change the appearance giving the character a new outfit. To unlock these cool new skins and outfits for characters in Vanguard you will need to complete the challenges that are required.

You can level each character up individually, and each time you reach a new level you will achieve a new unlockable, and you can also unlock new skins for that operator. You will also be rewarded with XP!

How to Change Character In Vanguard:

First, you need to launch Vanguard

Once you are in the game you need to select Multiplayer or Zombies > Then select Operators

You will now see all the operators that you can unlock. If you have unlocked any operators then they will not have a padlock

To unlock an operator first you must complete the challenge that’s required (which you will see when you select an operator with a padlock)

Once you have unlocked an operator click onto the operator to start using that character and it will have a yellow circle (which means you are now using that operator and it will also display a message)

Now you can select “Next Unlocks” to see what you can unlock by using the character > Like you can see in the picture below you can unlock a new skin at level 20 using Wade

If you also select “Challenges” you can see a list of all the challenges which you need to complete for each character

There you have it that’s how you can change your operator in Call Of Duty Vanguard and also unlock the new skins for each character. As you can see there is a lot that you can do and we are currently enjoying the challenges that are required to unlock the new skins for each operator. If you liked this guide and found it helpful then we are sure you will enjoy our other guides here.

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Change Your Character In Call Of Duty Vanguard On PC if you are getting stuck.

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