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FIX: Rust Easy Anti Cheat Untrusted System File On PC

Rust Startup Error Steam Load Error & Untrusted System File Error steam_api64.dll

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to fix the Easy Anti-Cheat untrusted system file error when trying to play Rust, if you enjoy playing Rust on PC then you may have come across the Anti Cheat Untrusted System File error and it can be annoying luckily we can fix it.

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This error will occur when you are trying to launch RUST on your PC or Laptop from Steam.

You will come across the error as soon as RUST launches onto the main screen saying “Startup Error – Steam Load Error – is Steam Open? Please exit and try again with Steam Open.”

RUST Startup error saying Steam Load Error - is Steam open?

Then as soon as you click exit you will get another error window saying “Easy Anti-Cheat – Untrusted system file steam_api64.dll“.

RUST Easy Anti-Cheat Untrusted system file error window.

This can be really frustrating, but by following the steps below you will hopefully be able to fix this error you are getting with RUST on PC.

How To FIX Rust Untrusted System File & Startup Error:

Below are the steps for fixing the Rust Easy Anti-Cheat error in Windows.

1. Make sure you fully close down Rust and Steam

2. Open File Explorer Go to the location of steam_api64.dll

Example: Program Files\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rust

4. Delete the file steam_api64.dll

RUST folder location showing Steam_api64.dll file.

5. Once you have deleted the file you will now be able to launch Rust and it should hopefully be working again

That is how you fix Rust when you are getting the startup error and untrusted system file error when trying to play on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Check out the video tutorial here on How To FIX RUST Easy Anti Cheat Untrusted System File & Startup Error if you are getting stuck.

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