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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a free to play online battle royale game. It has been around for an extremely long time now but was not always free.

The game has received many improvements and updates over the past years which have made the game great, and now to help boost the player base it has become free to download and play, which is great!

But as we explain below, PUBG: Battlegrounds has unfortunately caused an issue with trying to find a basic match or training mode in the PUBG game.

Because PUBG Battlegrounds has only just become a free to play game, the servers have taken a hit just like most popular games when they are first released. As a result with the new players trying out the new tutorial modes, there is a delay in the matchmaking load times. And also currently the tutorial matchmaking has been disabled for legacy players.

You could try and reload the lobby if nothing is happening for a long time however, you could lose your position in the queue. So there is unfortunately no fix for the delays in basic match and training modes, as it’s sever-related, and we will have to just be patient and wait until the server issues are resolved.

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