How To Change The Default Tab In Task Manager On Your Windows 10 PC Tutorial

Open Task Manager To The Tab Of Your Choice

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to change the default tab in Task Manager.

When you open up Task Manager on your Windows 10 PC you can choose which setting you would like displayed first.

For example, if you are gaming you may want to check the performance of your PC every so often without having to close the game down to switch tabs.

By following the steps in this tutorial you can have your favourite tab display every time you open Task Manager.

To change your default tab in Task Manager:

1. Open Task Manager (right-click taskbar at the bottom)

2. Click options > Hover over set default tab

3. Choose which tab you would like e.g. Performance, App History, and select it (will be ticked)

4. Close and reopen Task Manager to check it works

Check out the video tutorial below on How To Change The Default Tab In Task Manager if you are getting stuck:

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