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How To Connect Wii Controllers To Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Play PC Games With Your Wii Controllers!

If you enjoy using your Wii controllers and want to use them to play games on your Windows 10 PC or laptop, then this can easily be done. This way you can play your PC games with comfort and wirelessly, without having to use a keyboard or mouse.

You can connect two Wii controllers to your computer if you are playing with a friend.

You will need Bluetooth to be able to connect your Wii controller in Windows 10. If you don’t have Bluetooth built into your computer then using a Bluetooth adapter is also fine.

To connect your Switch Joy-Cons to your Windows 10 PC or laptop:

1. Open the Windows Start menu and type in Control Panel > Open Control Panel

2. Click on Devices and printers

3. Press Add a device > Press the 1 & 2 buttons together on your Wii controller (or take of the battery cover at the back of the controller and press the little red sync button)

4. The lights on the controller will now flash and Nintendo-RVL-CNT-01 will pop up on your screen > Click on next (your lights should still be flashing, if they stop press the sync buttons on the controller again)

5. You will now have an option to enter a passcode but leave it blank and press next

6. Your PC will now start installing your controller and your controller should flash > Once finished installing you should now see the Nintendo-RVL-CNT-01 under Devices (you can now do the same method to add another controller)

Check out this video tutorial here on How To Connect Switch Joy-Con Controllers To Windows 10 PC Or Laptop if you are getting stuck.

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