How To Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now

Fix Rivatuner Error properly without just hiding it

There have been a couple of issues with MSI Afterburner recently. The first issue being you could not actually download MSI Afterburner from their website. You can find out how to resolve this issue here. In this tutorial, we will be taking a look at a different problem.

The problem we will be looking at in this post is an issue with MSI Afterburner Rivatuner displaying an error such as “RivaTunerStatisticsServer Some system components cannot be hooked right now. It is strongly recommended to restart application.”

This error was more than likely caused due to a recent Windows 10 update.

There is only one way to properly fix this error and that is by installing the latest version of Rivatuner. You can hide or cover up the error but this will not fix the issue and it will only hide the fact that Rivatuner is not running correctly.

If you would like to just hide the Rivatuner error:

1. Go to the location where you installed Rivatuner (the default directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server) > You then need to open the folder called ProfileTemplates > Find the config file then right-click > Open with notepad.

2. You now need to find the line that says “Silent” and change it from 0 to 1 then save (You must have MSI Afterburner & RivaTuner closed to save the config file and you may also need to open the file as an admin)

How To Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now:

1. To properly fix the error “Some system components cannot be hooked right now.” you need to click on this link:

2. Once you are on the Rivatuner website you now need to download the latest version (at the time of writing this tutorial it was version 7.3.0 Beta 10)

3. Once the download is complete you now need to make sure MSI Afterburner & RivaTuner are closed then run the install and make sure you install it to the same directory as your current install of RivaTuner.

4. Restart your system. (Everything should now be working as normal again)

Check out the video tutorial below on How To Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now if you are getting stuck:

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5 Responses

  1. Karl Graham says:

    Hi after closing msi and riva tuner also rtss in task manager I go through your process as in the video, when I click install I get an error message. Riva Tuner Statistics Server 7.3.0 Beta 10 Setup : Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\EncoderServer.exe Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file.
    Could you give me advice on this please
    Many Thanks

    • ComputerSluggish says:

      Hi, thanks for the comment 🙂

      It sounds like the encoderserver.exe is running in the processes which is stopping it from being able to be overwritten. Restart your PC then have a look in Task Manager and make sure the encoderserver.exe is not running. If it is then close it and run the setup file again.

      Also, make sure you are running the setup file as an admin

      If the above fails you may need to uninstall Rivatuner and install it again (this may lose your configs though)

      Hope this helps. let us know how you get on 🙂

  2. Gregory M McCarty says:

    Now THIS recommended solution did indeed fix the problem. Editing the congig file is the first step, but only the inclusion of the new beta resolved it completely.

  3. Jesse Gonzalez says:

    Would this error cause my game to significantly drop FPS? I have always gotten 80+ fps while playing, but after this most recent windows 10 update, I get the component hook error and my game is down to an unplayable 30 fps. This has never happened before..

    • ComputerSluggish says:

      Hi 🙂

      Try running the game without MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner running and see if you still get the issue. If you don’t then unfortunately that’s what is causing the issue.

      If you are getting the issue while the programs are not running then it is most likely caused by the new Windows update so you will need to try rolling it back.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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