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Setup TranslucentTB

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to make your taskbar completely transparent on your PC using TranslucentTB.

TranslucentTB is a piece of software that lets you customise the appearance of your taskbar using several different settings so that you can have your taskbar looking the way you want it on your Windows 10 PC.

To make your Windows 10 taskbar transparent:

1. Click on the following TranslucentTB link here

2. Click on the TranslucentTB-setup.exe link > Save file

3. Once the file has downloaded run the setup file > Press next > Read license agreement and press accept > Press next > Choose where you would like to install TranslucentTB and press next > Press install

4. Once it has installed tick the box for ‘Launch TranslucentTB’ > Press Finish > Press yes to agree to the license (Your task bar will now be transparent)

****Top Tip****
To adjust and play around with the settings right click on the ‘TB’ icon in your system tray

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Make Your Taskbar Completely Transparent Windows 10 PC Tutorial if you are getting stuck.

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