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Delay Updates To Your Chosen Date!

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to pause your Windows 10 updates for over a month on your PC or laptop.

Sometimes Windows 10 updates can become a little annoying when you do not have time to update your PC / laptop, or you don’t want the risk of an update upsetting your perfectly working operating system.

Well there is good news as you can actually pause Windows 10 updates for up to 35 days meaning you can totally forget about having the dreaded option of a pending update waiting to install when you click the shutdown button.

To pause Windows 10 updates:

1. Right click the Windows 10 start menu icon (Logo in bottom left corner) > Settings > Update & Security

2. Select Windows Update tab (menu on the left) > Under ‘Windows Update’ click ‘Advanced options’

3. Under ‘Pause updates’ click on drop down menu and choose how long to pause your Windows 10 updates

4. Once you have selected an amount of time go back to the previous page and you will notice that your updates are now paused to the date you have chosen.

****Top Tip****
If you would like to unpause the Windows 10 updates then you can click Resume Updates button

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Pause Your Windows 10 Updates For Up To 35 Days if you are getting stuck.

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