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Run A Virus Scan On Your Windows 10 PC Without Installing A Program

If you want to keep your Windows 10 PC or laptop safe and running smoothly, then you need to keep it protected with Antivirus software or run regular scans to check for any viruses or malware threats. It is very important to run a virus scan as often as possible to ensure your system is safe.

If you prefer to not install any antivirus software onto your computer, then there is an awesome free online virus scanner that you can use.

You may just even want to run extra scans alongside your current antivirus program so that you can have that extra peace of mind that your system is as safe as it can be!

ESET’s free online scanner will detect and fix viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. it is a quick and easy way to find and remove any threats from your PC or laptop.

To run a free online virus scan:

1. Click on the following link for the ESET free online virus scanner here

2. Click on ONE-TIME SCAN > Click on save file

3. Once the file has downloaded Open the file > Choose your language and click on Get Started > Once happy with terms & conditions Press Agree

4. Choose your options and preferences > Press continue

5. You can now select:

  • Full scan
  • Quick scan
  • Custom scan

6. Once you have selected a scan select your chosen options > Press Start scan

7. Once the scan has finished you can close down the virus scanner program

****Top Tips****
-If you just wanted to run the one scan then you can delete the .exe from your system
-If you selected periodic scanning then you will need to keep the file on your system

Check out this video tutorial below on How To Run A Free Online Virus Scan On Your PC or Laptop if you are getting stuck:

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