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This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to turn on the night light setting in Windows 10.

If you use your computer late at night and find your eyes begin to hurt or strain then you can try turning on Night Light.

This setting will help protect your eyes when it becomes dark as it will adjust your display brightness to a warmer colour to reduce eye strain.

This is a great alternative to flux which allows you to adjust the brightness of your windows 10 and monitor to warmer colours to help protect your eyes without the need to download anything.

Night Light description: Screens emit a blue light which can keep you up at night. Night light displays warmer colours to help you sleep.

How to turn on Night Light on Windows 10:

1. Right click on an empty space on your desktop > Display Settings

2. Select the Display tab (menu on the left) > Under ‘Colour’ you will see ‘Night Light’ > Click to toggle it to ON

You can also click on “Night Light Settings” and change the strength of the Night Light and also set up a Schedule for Night Light

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Turn On Night Light in Windows 10, if you are getting stuck.

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