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Strict Browsing In Private Browser In Microsoft Edge

In this post, we will be showing you how you can make your private browsing in Microsoft Edge even more private by changing it to strict mode. This will mean that Edge will:

  • Block a majority of trackers from websites
  • Ads and content should have minimal personalization
  • Parts of websites might not work correctly
  • Block known harmful trackers

So as you can see from the above it will make Microsoft Edge a lot more private. But just remember that you are still not fully private when browsing in private mode in Microsoft Edge. You would have to use a VPN or something which would make you that extra step closer to being private.

Below we have listed the steps for enabling strict mode in Edge.

Enable Strict Mode For Private Browsing In Microsoft Edge:

1. First you need to open Microsoft Edge

2. Now click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner > Settings

3. Now click on the “Privacy, search, and services” tab in the left menu

4. You will now see a setting that says Always use “Strict” tracking prevention when browsing In Private > Toggle this to “On

There you have it that is how you enable strict mode for when you are browsing in a private browser in Microsoft Edge.

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