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Battle.net App How To Locate A Game In Windows 10

Locating Games In Battle.net App On PC

In this post, we will be showing you how you can locate a game that you have on your hard drive but the Battle.net app has not managed to detect the game files on your PC or laptop.

Locating a game means that you will not have to redownload the entire game to your computer, you can just locate your Battle.net app game then it will get added and you can start playing it again. We have listed the steps below for locating a game in the Battle.net app

How To Locate A Game On Your Hard Drive In Battle.net App:

1. Open Battle.net app

2. Click the “Games” tab then select the game you would like to locate

3. Now under the “Install” button click “Locate the game

4. You will now have a window pop up > Go to the location of your game then click “Select Folder

5. Now the game will start adding to your Battle.net app

There you have it that is how you can add a game back to your Battle.net app if it’s showing the install button and not the play button. But this will only work if you do have the game files on your hard drive.

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