How To Enable Discord In-Game Overlay On PC

Discord Enable The In-Game Overlay

In this post, we will be showing you how to enable Discords in-game overlay on your PC or laptop.

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If for some reason the overlay is not working in your games then the most likely cause is because the setting for Discords in-game overlay has not been enabled. So we have listed the steps below on how you can check and enable it.

How To Turn On Discords In-Game Overlay:

1. Open Discord

2. Now click the settings cog next to your username

3. Under “Activity Settings” Click “Game Overlay

4. Next to “Enable in-game-overlay” toggle to On

Thats it you have now enabled discords in-game overlay. You will now be able to chat with your friends etc. using the in-game overlay, without having to minimise your game to open the overlay by using the keybinding you have set. By default, it is Shift + `

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