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How To Change The Language In Windows 10

Windows 10 supports many different languages, but sometimes Windows can glitch and change the language automatically to the wrong language.

So if for some reason the language has changed in Windows 10, or you just simply want to change the language on your pc or laptop, then this can easily be done within the Windows 10 settings.

How To Change The Language In Windows 10:

1. Right click the Windows 10 start menu icon > Then click “Settings

2. Now click “Time & Language” > On the left-hand menu click the Language tab

3. You will now see a drop-down bar under “Windows Display Language” > You need to click the drop-down arrow then select your Language (You should now have the correct language in Windows 10)

4. If your language is missing then under “Preferred Language” you can click “Add Language” and install the correct one for your system > Then do the method above to set the language as your default

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