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FIX Rainbow Glitch & Weird Shadows In Cod On PC!

You are probably currently checking out this post because you are experiencing textures and graphics issues in Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War, such as textures not loading properly or glitching, reflections looking weird, and other graphics issues.

You may also be getting the annoying rainbow texture graphical glitch that happens in Call Of Duty, more noticeably when joining an online game such as Zombies or multiplayer mode.

If you have already tried all the methods in Part One first and had no luck, then this Part Two post will guide you through a few more methods to try and fix these issues and fingers crossed you will be playing without any issues very soon.

After applying each method below reset the Shaders Cache then try playing the game and see if the issue is still present. If the method did fix the problem you were having please comment below and let everyone know which method helped you!

Fix Textures & Graphics Issues Part Two:

1. Change to Borderless Fullscreen (Launch Call Of Duty Blacks Ops Cold War game > Click Settings > Graphics > Click Borderless Fullscreen)

2. Change Resolution – (Launch Call Of Duty Cold War > Click Settings > Graphics > Under Resolution you can now change this to a lower resolution and begin the process of working your way through them)

When it comes to choosing the correct resolution for your PC it is down to the graphics card you have and also what resolution your monitor supports just because you have a 4k monitor does not mean your Graphics card can support a 4K resolution.

To begin with, you want to start from a low resolution and slowly work your way up the resolutions to the point when you start having the graphics issues again then you know you need to change the resolution back to the previous setting.

3. Disable NVIDIA In-Game Overlay (Open Geforce Experience > Settings Cog > General > Toggle In-Game Overlay to Off)

This setting in GeForce Experience can cause a lot of problems when it comes to the graphics in Call Of Duty especially if you are experiencing black screen problems and frame drop.

4. Update DirectX version

5. Disable V-Sync (Launch Cold War then go to settings > Graphics > Find V-Sync and change it to disabled)

6. Remove camos and attachments from your weapons (your graphics card is not having to draw the extra details on your screen which can help fix some texture and graphical problems so try removing the camos and attachments or use a default weapon with nothing changed)

7. Make sure nothing is running in the background (like a disk clean or an anti-virus scan as this can put a lot of strain on your system which will make Call Of Duty Cold War become unstable and cause all sorts problems.)

8. Turn off NVIDIA Highlights (Boot up NVIDIA Geforce Experience in bottom right hand corner > select in game overlay option > settings > highlights > turn off > back > press done)

9. Check NVIDIA highlights are disabled in-game settings (Boot up game > options > graphics)

If nothing works for you then it might possibly just be an actual problem with Cold War, and you might have to wait for a new update to become available for the game or reinstall the game.

Check out the video tutorial here on FIX Call Of Duty Cold War Texture & Graphics Issues On PC Part Two if you are getting stuck.

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