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FIX Rainbow Glitch In Cod On PC!

You are probably currently checking out this post because you are experiencing textures and graphics issues in Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War, such as textures not loading properly or glitching, reflections looking weird, and other graphics issues so this post will guide you through a few methods to try and fix these issues.

You may also be getting the dreaded rainbow texture graphical glitch happening in Call Of Duty, more noticeable when joining an online game such as multiplayer or zombies mode.

There are a few reasons that you are experiencing these graphics errors in Cold War, so try out these steps below and fingers crossed you can play without these issues.

There are two parts to this guide so if you have already tried everything in this Part One then go ahead and check out Part Two.

Fix Textures & Graphics Issues Part One:

1. Restart and clear the shader cache – (Boot up COD Cold War > Select Settings > Graphics > Click “Restart Shader Cache”)

2. Disable Ray Tracing – (Boot up COD Cold War > Select Settings > Graphics > Click on all Ray Tracing options so they say disabled > Restart Shaders Cache)

3. Force Call Of Duty To change the DirectX version to DX11 – (Open app > Select Call Of Duty Cold War tab on the left > Click on Blizzard in top left-hand corner > Settings > Game Settings > Under Black Ops Cold War select ‘Additional command line arguments’ > Type in -d3d11 > Press done > Restart Shaders)

4. If you have overclocked your GPU then remove the overclocked settings

5. Ensure you have the latest graphics drivers (Go to your graphics cards manufacturers website to download the latest drivers – helpful links below)

6. Check your monitor settings and try a different game to make sure it isn’t your monitor causing the issues. You could also try a different cable for your monitor

Check out the video tutorial here on FIX Call Of Duty Cold War Texture & Graphics Issues On PC Tutorial if you are getting stuck.

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