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Pokemon Legends: Arceus has so far been a blast and we are actually enjoying this new take on Pokemon. It’s great fun running around the open areas and throwing pokeballs, hoping your aim is good enough to catch the Pokemon!

The other fun element is that you can gather resources to craft various items and complete different tasks. But if you are not able to save your game’s progress then the excitement can fade pretty quickly.

So if you are not able to save your game of Pokemon Legends Arceus then don’t panic. When you open the menu to try and manually save the game then you might see a cross or a no entry sign on your screen (see screenshot below).

This means there isn’t an issue with your Switch or a bug with Pokemon Arceus. It actually means that you are currently engaged with a pokemon or one has spotted you. And that’s what is stopping you from being able to save your progress, or do other things within the menu.

What If This Isn’t The Issue?

If it turns out that the problem is not related to being engaged with a Pokemon, then you might need to just restart your game and ensure you have enough storage space on your Switch. And if this doesn’t help then try checking the game’s files.

Can You Turn Off Pokemon Arceus Auto Save?

Yes, you can turn off the autosave feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It can be done within the settings menu of the game in the Game Options.

If you are having issues with Pokemon Legends Arceus not loading, getting stuck on the loading screen, or even crashing, then it’s might be worth keeping autosave on.

Fix No Entry Symbol Stopping Pokemon Legends Saving:

1. Resume back to the game

2. Now look at the top of your screen > Look for a Red eye icon > This shows you the direction where the pokemon that has spotted/engaged with you is (pokemon with a ! above his head is the one that’s spotted you)

3. Just simply run in the opposite direction until the red eye disappears > Then you will be able to manually save your game again

4. Open up the menu by pressing up arrow > You will notice that the cross symbols are gone > Press ZL / ZR on your Joy-Con to get to the profile icon > Press A to Save your Progress

We hope the above helped get your game progress saved in Pokemon Arceus. Just remember the game does autosave after doing certain things within the game, unless you have turned this option off.

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