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MW2 sign-in issues on Xbox

In this guide, we will be taking a look at what you can do to fix Modern Warfare 2 logging-in errors on your Xbox. Have you launched the game but keep getting a “failed to login” message or are getting stuck on the “logging into Demonware” screen? If these errors mean you can’t pass the MW2 login screen then don’t panic, as there are a couple of things you can do to fix these issues on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Modern Warfare 2 is great fun but has not been out for too long and because of this means that the chances are it will have the occasional problem like the one you are currently having with not being able to sign in on MW2. So below I have put together different methods that you can do to fix this on your Xbox console.

What causes MW2 sign-in issues?

There are a couple of things that can cause this error to happen on your Xbox. For example, there could be a problem with the MW2 servers which will also cause this to happen, and not being connected to the internet.

Any of these things could make you have an error such as “Failed to login” or you may even get error codes such as the BLZBNTBGS7FFFFF01, which is also common in COD Warzone.

Why am I stuck on the logging into Demonware message on Xbox?

If you were wondering what is Demonware, then it is a software development company linked to Activision. That is why you will see a Demonware message on the MW2 login screen.

If you have not launched MW2 yet, then you may find it takes ages to load and sign in! So when you get to the first loading screen and see “Status. Logging into Demonware” and it takes a while, don’t panic and think it’s stuck!

Just give it a little time to load and sync everything up, and then you should be able to get past the MW2 logging into Demonware message. If it has been more than a reasonable amount of time and you are just stuck on the logging-in screen, then see the methods below to fix this problem.

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta showing status message Logging into Demonware.

How to fix MW2 Sign-in errors on Xbox

Below are the different methods for fixing Modern Warfare 2 login errors and issues on an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Fix 1: Activision Services

If the servers for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are having issues or are currently offline, then this can cause sign-in errors and Demonware errors:

Fix 2: Twitter

Check out the MW2 Twitter Page to see if there are any tweets regarding not being able to sign in on MW2.

Fix 3: Internet test

Ensure there are not any problems with your internet and internet speed, by running a test on your Xbox.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller > Go to Profile & system and open Settings
  • Go to General > Select Network Settings
  • Then click on Test network connection
xbox test network speed in network settings
  • Next, open the system Settings
  • Go to General and then click on Network Settings
  • Select “Test network speed & statistics“ to see your stats
Xbox test network speed & statistics in network settings

Fix 4: Forget Network

If you are connected to the internet using WiFi, then forget the network and reconnect. Don’t forget your password to reconnect your network.

Fix 5: Switch/Hub

If your Xbox is connected to a switch or hub then unplug it from these and plug it directly into the router. In case it’s an issue with one of these causing the errors.

Fix 6: Switch user

Try a different user profile on your Xbox in case there is a problem with the one you are currently signed into.

Fix 6: Wired

If you are using a wireless connection and able to use cable, then do this as it will offer a faster and more stable connection.

Fix 7: Restart Router

Try restarting your router. Just make sure that no one is currently using the internet as it will kick them off it.

I hope one of the above methods helped fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 not allowing you to log in to the game on your Xbox, and that you are able to now enjoy the game!

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