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Diablo Immortal Change FPS Android

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can change the FPS in Diablo Immortal on your Android phone or tablet. If you are finding that Diablo Immortal is lagging or stuttering, then changing the frame rate could resolve the issue. So it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

The last thing you want to be doing is lagging in the Diablo Immortal game when trying to defeat all the evil as a Monk or a Necromancer. So in this guide, we have listed the steps on how you can change the frame rate in the game and it is fairly straightforward.

Why is Diablo Immortal lagging on mobile?

There can be many reasons why you are having lagging issues in Diablo Immortal, and it also depends if you are playing online or offline. Online or multiplayer lag could be caused by connection issues, but if you are having issues offline then lowering or raising the FPS could help.

If it does not help then try playing around with the in-game graphics settings. This could help so just start off low and work your way up until the game feels laggy again.

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How to change Diablo Immortal FPS on Android:

Below we have listed the steps on how to change your frame rate in the game. So if you are having issues with stuttering and lag, then hopefully boosting your FPS in Diablo Immortal or lowering it may fix the issue for you.

1. First, you need to launch Diablo Immortal and then enter the world

2. Once you are in the game select the 3 lines and then the Settings Cog to open Settings

3. Select Graphics in the left-hand side menu to open the graphics settings

4. Change the Frame Rate to 30 or 60

Diablo Immortal Android graphics settings changing frame rate

Why can’t I change Diablo Immortal FPS to 60?

Message in Diablo Immortal saying High FPS is not available for this device.

You may not have the option to change the frame rate in Diablo Immortal because your phone or tablet does not support it. If your device cannot run 60 FPS in the game then you will get a message saying “High FPS is not available for this device“.

You can check that your specs meet the minimum Android requirements for the game.

Diablo Immortal Android minimum requirements:

Android version: 5.0 or later
CPU: Snapdragon 6600 / Exynos 9611 & higher
Memory: Minimum of 2GB RAM
Video: Adreno 512 / Mali-G62 MP3 & higher
Storage: 2.4GB

We hope the above guide has helped you change the frame rate in Diablo Immortal on your Android device, and you are not getting as much lag or stuttering in this awesome game.

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