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Let's take a look at how to fix Dolphin Emulator games not launching with exclusive ubershaders on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC/Laptop.

Key Notes:

Make sure you have the latest version of Dolphin Emulator installed on your PC, ensure your GPU driver is up to date, and make sure your security software is not the cause of Exclusive Ubershaders not working in Dolphin Emulator.

Dolphin Emulator is a powerful tool for playing your favorite Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your PC.

One of its advanced features is Exclusive Ubershaders, which can dramatically improve game performance and graphics.

However, sometimes you might encounter issues where games won’t launch with Exclusive Ubershaders.

This is why I have put together this guide, so yes you guessed it in this guide, I will walk you through troubleshooting methods to resolve this problem.

And get your Dolphin Emulator games up and running smoothly, so you can get back to enjoying your games again.

How To Fix Dolphin Emulator Games Not Launching With Exclusive Ubershaders

Go through each troubleshooting method until one helps fix the problem and, gets the emulator working again with the ubershaders enabled.

Step 1: Check Dolphin Emulator Version

An outdated version of Dolphin Emulator may have compatibility issues and a load of other bugs/problems with Exclusive Ubershaders.

Visit the official Dolphin Emulator website here and download the latest stable version.

Once downloaded then extract the files to Install it on your PC and launch the emulator, fingers crossed this easy fix resolves the problem.

Step 2: Configure Graphics Settings

Open Dolphin Emulator and go to Options in the top menu.

Select Graphics Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the Graphics settings window, click on the “Advanced” tab.

Find the Shader Compilation section and make sure Exclusive Ubershaders is selected.

Save the settings and try launching your game again.

Step 3: Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can cause issues with Dolphin Emulator and Exclusive Ubershaders.

It might sound hard but don’t worry it’s not, to update your graphics drivers:

Determine your graphics card manufacturer (e.g., NVIDIA, AMD, Intel).

Visit the official website of the manufacturer and navigate to the driver download section.

Download and install the latest graphics drivers for your specific graphics card model.

Restart your PC after installing the updated drivers.

If you are struggling check out our guides below with images to help.

Step 4: Adjust Game Settings

If you’re still experiencing issues with the ubershaders, try adjusting the game settings within Dolphin Emulator:

Launch Dolphin Emulator.

Right-click on the game title in your game list and select Properties.

In the Properties window, navigate to the GameConfig tab.

Check if there are any specific settings related to Ubershaders for your game. You may need to experiment with different configurations to find the best one for your system.

Save the settings and try launching the game again.

Step 5: Check System Requirements

Ensure that your PC meets the system requirements necessary to run Dolphin Emulator with Exclusive Ubershaders.

Ubershaders can be demanding on your computers hardware, so make sure your CPU and GPU are up to the task and all other hardware within your system.

You can check out the system requiments for Dolphin Emulator here.

Step 6: Disable Antivirus or Firewall

Sometimes, antivirus or firewall software or any kind of security software, can interfere with Dolphin Emulator.

Try temporarily disabling them and see if it resolves the issue or if they have the option put them into a passive or game mode.

Be cautious when doing this and only disable them temporarily for testing purposes as your system might not be procted while it’s disabled.

Step 7: Seek Help from the Dolphin Emulator Community

If you’ve tried all the above steps and are still facing issues, consider seeking help from the Dolphin Emulator community, they have loads of members that can help or it could currently be a bug with the emulator.

You can visit the Dolphin Emulator forums here and post details about your problem with the ubershaders not working, make sure you include your system specifications and Dolphin Emulator settings as it will help the mebers trobuleshoot the problem for your.


Dolphin Emulator, with its Exclusive Ubershaders feature, can provide an enhanced gaming experience and make your games look much better, but issues with game launching can be frustrating when having this setting enabled.

By following the above methods in this guide, you can resolve the problem and enjoy your favorite GameCube and Wii games on your PC with improved graphics and performance.

I hope the above guide has helped fix Dolphin Emulator ubershaders not working on your Windows computer, and you are not having fun again with the emulator.

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