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Diablo 4 is currently in beta so it’s going to have issues, but if one of the issues is Diablo 4 crashing, freezing, or not starting then there are a few things that you can do to fix this. I have put together a list of different solutions that you can use to troubleshoot and fix the Diablo 4 game on a PS4 or PS5.

How To Fix Diablo 4 Crashing On PlayStation

Close the game

If the game for some reason has frozen or not responding and you have left it for at least 5 minutes, then the first and one of the easier methods is to just close the game. Now open it again, by doing this you will be forcing the game to reload everything from scratch.

Restart PlayStation

Again similar to closing down Diablo the next thing to try is to simply restart your console, it could just be a service or something on your PlayStation that has become glitched/stuck. So restarting will help resolve this and then help fix Diablo 4.

Update PlayStation system

When was the last time you manually checked to see if there are any new system updates available? it’s probably been a while, so go ahead and ensure you have the latest version installed. If you don’t then install it as it could fix a known bug that causes game crashing issues.


Open Settings and go to System Software

Then select Update to check for PlayStation 4 updates


Open Settings and then select System

Go to System Software and then you will need to select System Software Update and Settings

Select Update System Software to check for updates

PS5 system software and update settings.

Clear cache

If your system cache has encountered a problem, then this could cause problems with the game. Luckily we can easily clear the cache for a PlayStation.


Completely power off your console > Unplug the power cable

Now leave your PS4 for at least 60 seconds

You can now Plug the power cable back in and turn the console back on


Completely power off your PS5 console and then you will need to boot your PS5 in Safe Mode (Press and hold the power button and let go when you hear the second beep)

Click on the Clear Cache and Rebuild Database option

Choose Clear System Software cache and press OK

PS5 safe mode selecting clear system software cache

Rebuild database

Every PlayStation has a database and this is where the information is stored for your console, sometimes the database needs to be rebuilt in order to resolve issues.

Power off your PlayStation

Boot into safe mode by pressing and holding the power button until the second beep

On a PS4 select Rebuild Database

On a PS5 select Clear Cache and Rebuild Database and then Rebuild Database

Select Rebuild Database from PS5 Safe Mode menu


If one of the game’s installation files has become corrupted during the installation of the game or during an update, then this is going to cause the game to stop launching. Unlike a PC the only way of fixing this on a console is to reinstall the game. If you do have Diablo 4 installed onto an external drive, reinstall it to the internal drive.


So as you can see there are a few things that you can do to fix the Diablo 4 game crashing on a PlayStation, and the solutions are not too difficult. There is no need to take apart your console or get it repaired as it’s usually just an easy fix. I hope one of the above methods helped get the game working again, and you can now enjoy exploring the game with your favorite class.

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