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GTA V Script hook v critical error

Grand Theft Auto V is still a hugely popular action game across all platforms. The game was developed by Rockstar Games back in 2013, which seems so long ago! But if you’ve ever encountered an error with the GTA 5 Script Hook V, then you know how frustrating it is.

If you’re a fan of the GTA franchise, then you’ve probably heard of the Grand Theft Auto V Script Hook. However, the GTA script hook can give you an error which will crash your game to yor desktop with an error message. This will usually happen mid-game and when you are in the middle of pulling off an awesome heist, or trying to complete the story!

Luckily, there are a couple of easy methods that you can do to troubleshoot this issue and get back to playing your favorite game, whether you are driving around for fun or just causing mayhem!

What is Grand Theft Auto V Script Hook V?

Were you wondering what exactly is it and how does it work?

Well the GTAV Script Hook is a mod that allows developers to create custom scripts for the GTA 5 game. Mod’s have become popular over the years in games, as modders can adjust certain things in game such as vehicle colors, or even player stats and abilities for example.

Adding mods in Steam games is another popular thing to do, so you may of tried out the Script hook for GTA V and ecnountered this frustrating error when launching the game on your Windows PC or laptop.

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Why am I getting the Script hook critical error?

As the script hook application is essentially used for modding in the GTA V game, unfortunately the developers Rockstar Games don’t support it, and may detect the application as a cheat. So whenever the game has an update released it will more than likely patch the script hook so that it will not work on your computer, giving you the error!

The error could also happen because the game script is not able to properly run, more than likely caused by compatibility issues with the game, or other files/corrupted files.

The error will say something like:

FATAL: Unknown game version, check for updates.

How To Fix GTAV Script Hook Error

Essentially there aren’t too many methods to fix this error on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC or laptop. But the following methods should hopefully workaround the error for you and get you back in the game without it crashing!

Clear Out Unused Mods

If you have any mods installed on your version of GTA, then try uninstalling any mods that are no longer being used.

In some cases, mods can conflict with one another and cause compatibility issues. This can then cause critical errors occurring during gameplay.

Reinstall Script Hook V

Out-of-date mods can cause game instability. So try updating the GTA V script hook to the latest version to fix the error.

You will need to make sure the version of the Script is the latest one and that it supports the version of your GTA V game.

1. Download the latest version of the gta v hook from a reliable website that you trust

2. Open File Explorer > Extract the .zip file

3. Open the bin folder

4. Select all the files in the folder and select Copy

5. Paste them to into your GTA V installation folder (Make sure to Replace the old ones)

6. Launch the game and see if it has fixed the critical error


Troubleshooting the Script Hook V Critical Error doesn’t have to be complicated! By following the easy steps above, hopefully you are now back in the awesome action game without any further issues.

If you still get the error, then you may need to wait for a new update for the script hook. Or you could try reverting your GTA 5 game back to an older version.

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