How To Completely Uninstall NVIDIA/AMD/INTEL GPU Drivers Easily

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This Windows guide, will show you how to completely remove your graphics drivers on your PC. We can use a handy utility called DDU which will allow you to completely uninstall NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel graphics card drivers from your Windows computer.

By following the steps in this guide you can do a clean uninstall of your display drivers, and hopefully fix any issues you may be having.

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Why Use DDU?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use DDU for example you want to uninstall your graphics card driver or delete it from your PC, perhaps you are installing a new graphics card and want to start fresh, you are encountering issues as some of the driver files may not have deleted successfully or uninstalled properly.

If you are having issues trying to uninstall your Nvidia, AMD or Intel drivers through Windows Apps & Features or just want to uninstall your GPU drivers as if they never even existed on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, then DDU Uninstaller also known as Display Driver Uninstaller is the program you will want to use.

How To Uninstall NVIDIA, AMD or Intel Graphics Drivers Using DDU

1. First your need to Download DDU Uninstaller

2. Open the downloaded folder > Right click on folder and click extract all

3. Run setup application and follow the steps and now open the DDU folder

4. Open the Display Driver Uninstall.exe and it will then begin to detect your graphics card (If successful it should tell you what graphics card you have in your system, if it was unsuccessful then you can select if you have an Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD manually)

5. Now change the settings, once you are happy with the options click the Close button

6. Select your graphics card from the dropdown menus and once you have done this you can now choose from three options but be sure to save everything first:

  • Clean and restart
  • Clean and do Not restart
  • Clean and Shutdown

7. Select one of the options and DDU will then try and create a system restore point and remove the selected graphics card driver from your Windows computer

Can I Use DDU In Safe Mode?

Yes you can easily use DDU in safe mode all you need to do is restart your system into safe mode and you can then follow the above steps to totally uninstall your graphics card driver from Windows.

DDU does recommend that you use safe mode to remove your display drivers, so for best results, you should do this.

Final thoughts

As you can see DDU is an easy to use utility that allows you to completely remove AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel graphics drivers from Windows, saving time if you do like Display Driver Uninstaller and found it helpful then you might also be interested in our free Easy Gamer Utility.

If you want help updating your graphics card driver to the latest version then we have some helpful guides below.

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Completely Uninstall Your Graphics Drivers, if you are getting stuck

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