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If you are playing Super Mario Bros Wonder you might be wondering how to know when you have 100% successfully completed a level.

You may also be wondering if there is some sort of message or notification that shows you your fully completed level.

Well, there is and I will be showing you where and what it looks like.

This will appear once you have completed a level in Super Mario Bros Wonder and done everything there is to do in a level.

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How To Know If You Have Completed 100% In Super Mario Bros Wonder Level

Once you have done everything there is to do in a level such as collect all the 10 Coins within the level, got all the Wonder Seeds, and of course got the Golden Flag at the end then you would have 100% completed the level.

– If you go onto the main world and open up the map (Press L) select a level that you have completed

– If you have achieved 100% and collected everything then you will now see a green tick/checkbox over the collectible icons.

This means that you have fully completed that level and done everything that there is to do!

The below image does not have the green tick, meaning that it has not been completed.

Final Thoughts

Completing levels within Super Mario Bros Wonder can be challenging at times, but it adds that extra enjoyment to the game!

And I do love trying to fully complete the levels even if at times it’s almost like you are farming for purple coins.

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