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Free game Overwatch 2.

If you are a fan of the hugely popular Overwatch game, then you will more than likely be excited to know that the sequel to this awesome first-person shooter game Overwatch 2 is available for us to download and install for free.

Unfortunately, Overwatch will be down as the servers have been shut down, but that’s because we will all be moving over to Overwatch 2 which also features a Battle Pass if you wish to purchase it. So we will all be trying out the sequel.

Is Overwatch 2 free on all devices?

This action shooter game which is designed by Blizzard Entertainment is sure to keep you entertained for hours! You can pick a hero to use such as Wrecking Ball, Sigma, or Winston, and then jump into a 6v6 battle and combat your way to victory, completing objectives along the way.

Your hero will either have a Tank, Damage, or Support role, so pick your preference of class, before you try out one of the game modes.

So the great news is that we can download Overwatch 2 on either a PC, Xbox, Switch, or PlayStation and it’s free-to-play and free to download on your chosen platform, so why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

How to play Overwatch 2

So let’s get to it and take a look at how to download and install Overwatch 2 on your chosen platform so that you can get your hero into battle and level up.

As we mentioned above, the game is free-to-play so once you have downloaded Overwatch 2 on your device then simply launch the game and play.

Install Overwatch 2 on PC

So if you have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC or laptop, then you can get Overwatch 2 using the Battle Net app:

1. If you don’t already have the Blizzard Launcher then download the desktop app from the Blizzard website

2. Once you have downloaded the Battle.Net app then run the setup file

3. Select your Language and press Continue

4. You will then need to either sign in to your Blizzard account or create a new account (Blizzard does require players to link a valid mobile number to their account) to play Overwatch 2 on PC

5. Head over to the Shop and either find the Overwatch 2 game icon and select it or search for the game

6. Click on Play For Free and select Play For Free again

6. Choose your install location and your options > Press Start Install

7. Once the OverWatch 2 download has finished you will be able to click on the Play button

Check out our YouTube video here on “How to Download Overwatch 2 On PC” if you are getting stuck.

Install Overwatch 2 on PS5/PS4

To get Overwatch 2 on PS5 or PS4, then you simply need to go to the PlayStation Store:

1. Sign in to your PlayStation user profile and select the PlayStation Store from the home screen

2. Select the Search icon in the top right-hand corner

3. Search for Overwatch 2 and select it

4. Click on Download and Overwatch 2 will now install on your PlayStation

Install Overwatch 2 on Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One

You will just need to go to the Microsoft Store to get Overwatch 2 on Xbox:

1. Select the Microsoft Store from your dashboard

2. Search for Overwatch 2 and select it

3. Click on Download and then the game will begin to download and install

Install Overwatch 2 on Switch

It’s very simple to get Overwatch 2 on your Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Store:

1. Sign in to your user profile and then open the Nintendo eShop

2. Select Search and type in Overwatch 2

3. Select the Overwatch 2 game and then click on Free download and Confirm

4. Click on Free download a second time and then Confirm and Close

5. You will see the game icon appear on your home screen with the download progress and once finished you can launch the game

So I hope you have now successfully completed the Overwatch 2 download, whether you are on a Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. And I hope you enjoy the game, which I think will be popular for some time as it’s free!

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