Lego Brawls Local MultiPlayer How To Play

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can play local multiplayer in Lego Brawls. This allows you to play against your friends and family from the comfort of your couch!

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Lego Brawls allows up to 8 players in local multiplayer on all platforms, making the free for brawl game mode pretty manic. If you don’t have that many players then you can always allow AI bots to fill the spots and do a bit of 4 vs 4.

Lego Brawls is a bit of a MultiVersus and Super Smash Bros take, where you are battling it out against other players on platforms when it comes to playing free-for-brawl. And we love the graphics and everything you have to dodge while collecting power-ups and trying to take out your friends in local multiplayer.

Below we have listed the steps on how you can set up local multiplayer co-op on all platforms as Lego Brawls is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Can you play against bots in Lego Brawls?

So if you are battling it against your friends in local play but want to add a bit more competition, the question is can you add bots into local play in Lego Brawls?

And unlike MultiVersus, the answer is yes you can play against bots in local multiplayer. So sit back, grab some controllers and enjoy a bit of local couch co-op with your mates!

Lego Brawls in-game screenshot of 8 players in local multiplayer including bots.

How to play local multiplayer in Lego Brawls

Below are the steps for setting up local multiplayer in Lego Brawls on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

1. First, you need to launch the game

2. Now select PARTY

Lego Brawls main menu showing Party option.

3. Under Local select FREE-FOR-BRAWL

Lego Brawls menu showing FREE-FOR-BRAWL.

4. Plugin and connect all the controllers you would like to use in local multiplayer and press the Join Button

Lego Brawls showing local players join option.

5. You can now choose the Brawl Options then select Brawl when ready

Lego Brawls showing Brawl Options for the game.

There you go you are now playing local multiplayer in Lego Brawls.

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